Trendar Bengals Quality healthy exotic spotted kittens for sale.
Bengal kittens for sale.
in Charleston WV USA

Breeding for Beauty, Health, Confidence and
Sweet Active Nature since 1987

children can play dress up on my kittens they are so tolerant
 affordable exotic spotted bengal kittens for sale
Unsurpassed Beauty
bengal kittens good health

Unquestionable Personality

Kitten Health

For the cat lover who wants something extra special.

Expecting kittens from Mazy...  any day....
bengal kittens to be born in July  Bengal Kittens for sale in Charleston WV
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do Bengals get along with children?        bengals and children

in Charleston, West Virginia

This Page Updated   07/23/2021

 I am proud that...
Some of my clients come back to me for a second, third even fourth Bengal kitten.
Some come back to me after as long as 14, 16, 18 years.     
Thank You for believing in me.

 beautiful exotic spotted bengal cats bengal cats in Charleston W V 

***Answers to your most often asked questions ***

Are your kittens friendly
babies and bengl kittens are safe together People want the temperament I breed for

I spend time playing with all my kittens making sure my kittens are accustomed to many different sights and sounds and activities.
My socialization is a priority making my kittens Child safe with sweet, gentle  tolerant, active, interactive playful confidence. They Wiggling when they want down but Never extending their claws or bite .....


Why should you buy a Bengal Kitten from Trendar
  1. We breed only Bengal cats; Giving our full attention to the Bengal breed. We continue to Research genetics and pedigrees.  Including only the healthiest most beautifully rosette patterns on show quality kittens for your entertainment and enjoyment.

  2. A Pet Bengal Kittens from our breeding program comes to you already spayed / neutered.  No Exceptions!  This means you donít have to worry about the surgery your pet will go through.

  3. BENGALS are said to be hypoallergenic. Bengals are more compatible with allergic people, because their silky coat doesn't shed enough to see. Several people with strong allergies have visited to test if they have a reaction to our kittens and cats. Our environment provides extreme exposure with our Bengals having free run of our home.  I only remember one couple that did not go home with,  or get on my waiting list for a Bengal kitten.

  4.  Bengal cats like water and easily learn to enjoy bath time. 

  5. Bengal kittens from BengalPurradise come to you healthy and well socialized.

  6. We play with our kittens daily. They are around other Bengal kittens and adult cats, dogs and children. We like to say our Bengal kittens are kid proof. 

  7. Our Bengals have no fleas or worms or other internal or external parasites.

  8. We have always researched pedigrees striving to breed Bengal cats that are genetically healthy, to resist becoming ill after you get one.

  9. We only breed Bengal cats with genetically mellow temperaments. Bengals are very active, not hyper. They will run through your home using your sofa or a chair as a back board to jump in the air as they spin around and dash back they way they came.

  10. Our Bengals come to you with a TICA kitten registration certificate. TICA / The International Cat Association.

  11. Our Bengal kittens are available to be registered with CFA, Cat Fanciers Association.

  12. Bengals are not extremely noisy; they talk when they have something to say.

  13. We do not de claw. we teach our kittens not to use their claws.  Our kittens will wiggle and squirm to get down, but will not scratch or bite.

  14. Bengal kittens and Bengal cats like to be in the room with you often helping in what you are doing.

  15. Once one of our kittens makes your home 'their home'   They are rarely shy with strangers.
  16. Bengals are cats. They will jump on anything including the kitchen counter.  I strongly suggest putting your Bengal in a separate room while you prepare and enjoy your meals.

  17. Weather permitting we ship to every state inside the United States of America. If it is extremely hot or cold you may need to fly here or pay for my round trip ticket and motel to hand deliver your kitten to you.
    You are encouraged to visit my home in Charleston WV to pick up your new kitten.

 What color are your Bengals?
quality rosettes and trusting eyes TICA registration color for my Bengals is "brown / black spotted tabby"
This covers a wide variety of warm tone background colors and brown to black rosette outlines. Any rosette size is accepted. Thus creating a distinctly individual "Look" for each Bengal.   Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
bengal cats in Charleston W V, pet cats kittens with clean healthy eyes and face


Bengal aficionados know that bengal kittens go through a fuzzy stage like their wild ancestors.
This happens at the age they first start exploring their world.  Usually at 5 weeks old
  There is a wide variation of color shading in the  Bengal cat. Kittens bred from like colored parents are often difficult to tell apart until their patterns start to develop. The shading changes as kittens grow from baby to adult. The background color first appears on the feed and face then spreads to the body, seen and their baby hair sheds away.

Are Bengals hypoallergenic?
Do Bengels like water?

Many people with cat allergies say Bengals are hypoallergenic
are benals hypoallergenic? do bengals like water bengals that like water

Do bengal cat like water
Their enjoyment of water makes a Bengal easy to bathe.

Do your Bengals get along with other animals?
bengsl kittens quickly acept other gentle pets.  Bengls like dogs and other mellow pets


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