The pros and cons of cat vaccinations
This info is for ALL breeds of cat that are kept indoors.

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With research and opinions from other breeders
I have reached these conclusions

A young kitten with an immature immune system should not
be subjected to foreign antibodies by giving vaccinations.

The first vaccination your veterinarian will insist on is a
3 way combination vaccine often called '3 way' or 'RCP'
R. Rhinotracheitis
C. Calici
P. Panleukopenia

The first two vaccines R and C are for common cat colds. They do
   Not keep the cat from catching a cold,
   They are supposed to lessen the symptoms...

Panleukopenia is almost eradicated from the United States.

Be Aware. vaccinating often causes the onset of diseases
with accompanying, possibly life threatening symptoms that must be treated with medications, putting further stress on your kitten's immature system.

Modern veterinary research shows there is no reason to take this chance with cats kept indoors.
If your vet wants to give additional vaccines

such as FIV and FeLV  alone or in combination '4 way' or '5 way'
FIV once a cat is vaccinated with FIV the cat will always test positive for FIV for the rest of it's life.
FeLV vaccine is not proven effective.
   You might want to do a simple FeLV/FIV combination test in your vet's office.

Every vet KNOWS cats can get fatal vaccine-induced cancer.
This is acknowledged by veterinary studies around the world.
Vaccines can plunge many individuals into an allergic state.
This ranges from mild all the way to suddenly FATAL.

Many Modern Educated vets throughout the world say;
1 My personal recommendation is NOT to vaccinate at all.
2 Booster vaccinations are completely unnecessary.
One vaccination will last the cat's lifetime.
3 Booster vaccinations can cause SEVERE set-backs.

If your vet convinces you that you MUST vaccinate.
1 Give ONE vaccination with RCP after the kitten is 4 months old.
2 NO booster is ever needed if vaccinating after 4 months of age
3 If you, or your Vet. insist, never vaccinate more often than every 3 years.
4 Give rabies as required by law.
5 Never use FIV or FeLV

Any deviation from this protocol deems my contract health guarantee NULL and VOID .

Feel free to do some research and send any information you think I might like to add :-)

Holly Baker
Trendar Bengal Kittens since 1987

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